Jim Carr

Testimonial:I’ve been involved with CSIC for eight or nine years now. Early on in my current position I was interested in facilitating a STEM club at my school. I didn’t have a specific program or curriculum to follow but I did some research. I learned about the Chicago Students Inventors Convention and the program they offered for teachers (and others). It sounded like a good place to start for what I wanted to do with a club. It has been a great opportunity for me and my students. The mentors we have worked with are incredibly talented and knowledgeable individuals. I have learned so much but the greatest benefit has been the experience for my students. They will ask if our mentor is coming to school on a given day. They look forward to sharing their latest developments on their projects and prototypes. Together we learn about the Inventors/Design cycle and then go through a process of identifying problems which our students choose on their own. The process of researching solutions for and designing a prototype to address a specific problem is a unique experience and results in authentic solutions. The enthusiasm and energy my students bring to our meetings is something I look forward to on the days we meet. Our Inventors Club is something I will continue facilitating as long as I’m teaching. I know it is a forum that gives children an authentic opportunity to learn about design, engineering and inventing in a fun, structured way.

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