Mentor Guide

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

Inspire the next generation of inventors by sharing your experience and passion for your industry, giving feedback on student projects, and supporting student skill-building!

Site Mentors donate approximately 2-5 hours over the course of a 10-week curriculum supporting student engagement in an ISIC classroom, library, or youth center. In-person and virtual options are available.

Individual Mentors donate approximately 1-2 hours of time supporting a single student whose invention could benefit from more specialized support or students who want additional feedback as they prepare to compete at US Nationals.

Why Mentor?

I enjoyed working with the students to see their project come to fruition and I also enjoyed being someone they can look up to for advice.

Support those problem-solvers through the challenges they face, so that they can understand the entire process and not become discouraged in their journey.

As a way to “pay it forward” to those who’ve invested in me.

It’s a lot of fun!

I love getting to know the next generation of inventors!

I want to empower girls to pursue careers in STEM, and to see other women and people of color being successful.


Have experience in a STEM, invention, or entrepreneurial related role

Ability to commit approximately 2-5 hours between December-March for mentoring

Ability to pass a name check or background check, depending on site volunteer requirements

Interest in encouraging and engaging K-8th grade students in a creative process

Willingness to communicate with lead educator to discuss expectations

Flexibility to work around the class or educator schedule to coordinate communication

Getting Started

Apply to be a Mentor

Complete the brief application here.
You have the option to serve as a site mentor, individual mentor, or both! While not required, we encourage our mentors to also opt in to serving as a judge in the virtual competition. You will not be asked to judge projects from the site at which you mentored.

Meet with Program Manager

Learn more about the role of a mentor and the current site options. Mentors will also be provided access to program resources.

Note: Individual Mentors will be contacted to attend orientation once there is a student whose project could benefit from their expertise.

Site match and Clearance

Once approved, Site Mentors will select their preferred site. Each site has its own requirements prior to interacting with students, so we will share any next steps once you are matched.

Connect with Educator

Reach out to your matched educator to share expectations, scheduling logistics, and any other needs you may both have about the mentorship experience.

Begin Mentoring

Whether you serve as a Site Mentor or Individual Mentor, your role is twofold. You will support students during their invention process. You will also share how you leverage problem-solving and innovation in your career.