How to Connect with an Invention Convention Site

Interested students can participate in two ways:

Their classroom teacher leads the curriculum/program

They participate in an after-school program that leads the curriculum

If these options aren’t available…

Share information about our program with your child’s school via our website or downloadable recruitment flyer

Share information about our program with a youth center or after-school club that your child attends. Our program fits well with STEM, robotics, coding, or entrepreneurship activities that may already be taking place.

Start a club! We will train you in our curriculum. Your child’s school or local libraries are ideal for host meetings to ensure the program is accessible to others.

Contact us to discuss ways your child can access the program or for further support on starting a new program.

Invention Convention Worldwide’s
Independent Inventor Program

If your child is currently unable to access the program in one of the above ways, or, if they are in 9-12th grade, consider joining the Independent Inventor Program. This is Invention Convention Worldwide’s offering for young inventors who, for whatever reason, (aged out, geography, etc.) are unable to match with a state or regional affiliate.