Teen Innovators is a peer community experience where middle school students practice creative and innovative thinking through flexible mentoring and leadership classes that are led by teens for teens. TI Students learn to think strategically, solve big world problems and lead their peers with confidence. TI Students and Peer Mentors grow alongside each other and learn life skills that provide a foundation for success as a purpose-driven leader of tomorrow.



Helping students to access near-peer mentors and connect with teens to practice their invention pitches, get feedback, and develop communication skills.

Teen Innovators offers students to choose 1-on-1 or group sessions with a peer mentor of their choosing or get matched with an expert mentor. Both tiers of mentors will listen to your ideas and help you shape them into a solution or product idea. 


“The Importance of Failure”

For live interaction with Teen Innovators, visit the Event Calendar to sign students up for Teen Mentoring.

Following the program, CSIC students will have a discount code for Teen Innovators mentorship packages if there is interest in continuing their mentorship program. Code will be available following the CSIC competition, and will be available for your use to distribute to interested parents.


Students can drop in to attend live office hours during scheduled times in the month of April before the convention to practice their pitch and get live feedback. Visit the events calendar for more information and a registration link.