BizArtistry helps organizations tell their most challenging and compelling stories and helps teams think more creatively. Our executive artists apply the innovation and discipline of the arts to business strategies, ideation, program development and content. We’re really excited to help the Chicago Student Invention Convention discover the “art” in the art and science of invention. 



Develop series of videos as a resource for teachers to help their students participating in the Chicago Student Invention Convention to create compelling stories to develop their pitch videos for the competition and to use LumieLabs as a medium to create a commercial for their invention as part of the curriculum..

Upon completing these videos, teachers should be able to:

  • Create fun, interactive ways for students to stimulate new ideas for their CSIC Inventions
  • Help students understand how artists build compelling stories
  • Guide students in applying those principles in building their CSIC LumieLab presentations
  • Help students distill their unique stories into a “hook” for their CSIC video and in-person pitches


Full Video and Activities:

Creativity and Telling Your Story





Individual Artist Videos:


Curtis Powell: Composer, Playwright, Author

Johnard Washington: Actor

Jessica Elwell: Improviser, Voice Actor

George Cederquist: Artistic Director

Chris Powell: Musician

Megon McDonough: Singer, Songwriter