CHICAGO, IL – Over 275 Chicago Public School students from 22 schools in grades K-8 showed off their creativity and innovation at the 2017 Chicago Student Invention Convention on Saturday, April 1st at Clemente High School.

Student inventors presented their inventions to volunteer judges and competed for over $4,000 in scholarships and prizes. Students also participated in Imagination Station activities, which included a demo station from Mad Science, a marble run with James Dyson Foundation, bot battles with Digital Adventures, making goo, science & robotics, and designing invention advertisements. Over 100 volunteers helped with judging, set up, check-in, Imagination Station activities, scoring, food, and awards.

The grand prize winner of an invention prototyping and mentoring opportunity from Imagine-it-Tech and a $500 scholarship to the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo (NICEE) from Chicago Innovation Awards was Triniti West, a 3rd grader from Skinner. She invented the No Sog Lunchbox, which is a lunch box insert that offers the ability to include both hot and cold lunch items in the lunch box and maintain the cool or warm temperature for each.

The top finalists grades 3-8 are eligible to attend the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo on June 1-3 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C.

The Chicago Student Invention Convention is currently a program of Sustain Foundation, and will formally become a program of the Chicago Innovation Awards in mid-2017. The new program home was announced at the April 1st awards ceremony.


The 2017 Chicago Student Invention Convention was supported byIBMChicago Innovation AwardsHorizon PharmaFactsetImagine-it-TechTime2InventStaplesMBHBDigital AdventuresAmerican Science& SurplusRobot City WorkshopWalmartand Starbucks. Program partners include the James Dyson FoundationMad Science, and the Clemente Chefs.

Congratulations to this year’s winners:

*Eligible to attend National Invention Convention Grand Prize:

*1st Place: No Sog Lunchbox, Triniti West, Skinner, 3rd grade

*2nd Place: ProPet: Clean Feet Feeder, Gabrielle Chandler & Lily Bazan, Lenart Regional, 4th grade

*3rd Place: Water Bottle Buddy, Atia Lutarewych, Skinner, 3rd grade

Grade Prize:

K-2nd Grade:

  • 1st Place: The Shower Dryer, Joslynn Johnson, Lenart Regional
  • 2nd Place: Spoiler Alert, Malia Guerrero, Suder Montessori
  • 3rd Place: Nifty Socks Floor Cleaner, Mirielis Velez, Suder Montessori

3rd Grade:

  • *1st Place: Clear Leaf, Tahlia Liss, Skinner
  • *2nd Place: Scrubinator, Simon Kudlov & Logan Gallas, Suder Montessori
  • *3rd Place: The Little Whittle, Daisy Hebert, Suder Montessori

4th Grade:

  • *1st Place: Portable Cup Holder, Yolanda Ruíz & Deborah Gonzalez, Andrew Jackson Language Academy
  • *2nd Place: Adjust-o-thotic, Atlas Barnes, Pulaski
  • *3rd Place: Stick-It, Emira Zendeli & Sophia Huhn, Pulaski

5th Grade:

  • *1st Place: Baby Duster 2000, Charlotte Hastings, Portage Park
  • *2nd Place: Kinetic Energy Flashlight, Rohan Kato, Decatur
  • *3rd Place: Pill Shaker, Matthieu Brutus, Lenart Regional

6th-8th Grade:

  • *1st Place: Messy Mutt Dog Bowl, Christopher Pyter, Lasalle II
  • 2nd Place: Keyper, Grace Pena, Lasalle II
  • 3rd Place: Sock Snaps, Philip Kujawa, Lenart Regional

Junior Builders:

  • *Sun Screen Success!, Emma Rebolledo, Andrew Jackson Language Academy, Grade 4
  • *Multi Desk 2.0+, Stephanie Zepeda & Nelson Hernandez, Jungman, Grade 4
  • *Doll-Ability, Gabriel Manier, Andrew Jackson Language Academy, Grade 4
  • *The Easy Pillow, Hailey Guzman & Crystal Cervantes, Jungman, Grade 4
  • *Sponge Gloves, Jaliyiah Starks, Portage Park, Grade 3
  • *Easy Comb, Sophia Gallardo, Lenart Regional, Grade 3
  • *Dog scratcher 3000, Chris Clark, Suder Montessori, Grade 4
  • *AZ Design, Anya Matthews & Zoriah Larkin, Chicago Collegiate Charter School, Grade 5
  • Crutch Bag, Charlize Cantu & Simona LaGiglio, Andrew Jackson Language Academy, Grade 4
  • Window Bird Feeder, Madeline Lopez, Portage Park, Grade 4
  • Beet the Ice, Opal Prachand, Skinner, Grade 3

Junior Creators:

  • Poseidon Water Safety, Patrick Gray & Elsa Barthel, Pulaski, Grade 4
  • Dibbs, McKenzie Young & Hera Paterno, Lenart Regional, Grade 4
  • The Bat, Isaac Bunay, Portage Park, Grade 4
  • Non-Battery Cooling & Heating Shirt, Jasmyn Ramos-Perez, Portage Park, Grade 3
  • The Kindness Ambassadors System, Elle Costello, Skinner, Grade 3
  • Vegi Cutter, Johannes Clifton-Soderstrom & Diego Araujo, Peterson, Grade 8
  • Portable Laundry, Jadah Clay, Lasalle II, Grade 7
  • The Druster, Zaiden Thornton & Christian Muniz-Rivera, Pulaski, Grade 4
  • The Chicken Calculator, Aayan Ali, Decatur, Grade 5
  • Bomb Drop, Victoria Quiroga & Natalie Correa, Portage Park, Grade 5

Junior Makers:

  • 1,2,3 Count on Me, Giovanni Aponte, Portage Park, Grade 4
  • Bug Buzzer, Brooklyn Morgan, Andrew Jackson Language Academy, Grade 4
  • Hang-On, Allison Xu & Emilie Chin, Andrew Jackson Language Academy, Grade 4
  • The robotic hand, Audrey Grimaldo, Pulaski, Grade 4
  • Umbrella Cart, Mary McCombs, Andrew Jackson Language Academy, Grade 4
  • Hat Muff, Jaydan Perez, Portage Park, Grade 3
  • Chalk Cards, Kira Smith, Lasalle II, Grade 7
  • Automatic-saver, Nicholas Ouhabi, Lenart Regional, Grade 5
  • Candy Metal Detector, Gizel Ruiz & Tanya Weisman, Pulaski, Grade 4
  • Calm Walk, Veronica Paez & Yadira Gordillo, Calmeca, Grade 5