Student Inventors

Sénadé Sodji

Solisquito Cap | Grade: 5th

Problem:The problem my invention solves is people not having access to electricity. It is specifically for students who have the problem of staying up in the dark doing their homework by candlelight or kerosene lamp and are constantly being bitten by bugs due to not having electricity.
Solution:My invention solves the problem because it uses solar energy, or the power of the sun to charge an adjustable light. This is environmentally friendly and it provides needed light to people without electricity. The light has a cord connected to the solar panel to charge. My invention also has mosquito netting so that when a student is using the light, the attracted bugs can't bite them. If they do not want the mosquito netting it can be stored in a pocket at the top of the hat.

Millan Mallipeddi

UV Berry | Grade: 7th

Problem:Annually, approximately two million people contract fatal diseases from contaminated water. Many sicknesses, diseases, and viruses such as cholera and schistosomiasis thrive in contaminated water.
Solution:By eliminating harmful pathogens using ultraviolet radiation, the wate is rendered safer to drink. Unlike other sterilization methods, the unique design of the UV does not touch or contaminate the edge of the cup.

Soap-Free Ultrasonic Faucet | Grade: 8th

Problem:The Soap-Free Sonic Faucet reduces the need for soap by using ultrasonic nano-bubble technology to clean objects that would normally require soap. Due to the high cost and inefficiency of soap removal in water-treatment plants, governments are unable to set up efficient water-treatment plants in developing countries due to a lack of funding.
Solution:This device can clean almost everything that would normally require soap, with the exception of objects that must be cleaned with soap due to microbial or bacterial contamination. It attaches to a faucet, and the water that comes out is only slightly abrasive, just enough to loosen tough debris and clean, but not enough to damage objects or persons.

Crystal Cervantes

The Typer | Grade: 8th

Problem:My invention would help solve the problem, visually disabled have more difficulty independently using a cellular device.
Solution:My invention helps solve this problem by creating a custom braille keyboard for visually disabled people to use when typing. This way they can use a cellular device independently.

Lila Nanisetty

Thermo Bat | Grade: 6th

Problem:The problem is not being able to see where on the bat you hit the ball, because then you can't improve.
Solution:My invention changes color when hit, and therefore helps the batter see where they hit the bat.

Kaelyn McColl

SeeLikeMe | Grade: 7th

Problem:Myself and other visually impaired people find it hard to express their visual challengers to the fully sighted world.
Solution:I was born with Retino Blastoma a type of cancer that develops in the back of the eye. Throughout my life this visual impairment has caused me to resent my disability, but this project has taught me to embrace my differences and explore the full extent of my visual damage through augmented reality. I created an augmented reality application that paired with a google cardboard headset allows other people to experience my vision first hand. I believe this application can help many other people who long to communicate how they see the world. It took me a long time to accept my visual differences and to feel that I belong. My invention proves that being visually impaired does not mean that I am any less successful or capable of making a difference and may help others feel that way as well.

Aishani De

The Right-Bud | Grade: 5th

Problem:My invention helps solve the problem of figuring out which earbud is meant for the right ear and the earbud for the left ear more easily.
Solution:The Right-Bud is a pair of earbuds with the right bud colored. This is very useful for young children who cannot read yet, people who have dyslexia, which means people who have a lot of difficulty telling left from right and people with vision problem that can't see the small letters R and L marked on some of the earbuds. This is also very handy for busy people who are always on the go!