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Our Impact

student inventors

in Chicago and its greater metropolitan region.

In 2012, the program started with:
2 schools
6 participating teachers

This year, the Chicago Student Invention Convention Reached:



participating sites


STEM careers do not represent the diversity of our students, but by teaching children important STEM skills now, we will change the future demographics of these professions.


Female and Other Gender




Minority Students

New research in the Educational Researcher’s Journal shows us that the science achievement gap begins as early as kindergarten and persists much later in a student’s academic life. By the time students reach fourth grade, one-third have lost interest in STEM, by eighth grade, more than half have lost interest.

Our program engages students as young as kindergarten in the invention process and begins developing interests in science and math in young students.

Don’t wait until high school
to address the problem.
8th Grade
12th Grade

Student Impact


Developed problem solving skills


Increased awareness of STEM career paths


Developed creativity and originality


Increased interest in STEM, invention & entrepreneurship


Increased confidence & perseverance through obstacles

Teacher Impact


Increased connection to invention education community and resources


Increased confidence to implement STEM, invention and entrepreneurship activities


Increased overall frequency of STEM, invention and entrepreneurship activities